About The Program

Despite their enormous potential, nicotine-free cigarettes are relatively unknown. Nicotine-free cigarettes are the only aid that allow smokers to stop smoking, without having to change their entire daily routine and without having to constantly resist the urge to smoke. Cessation takes place passively, and smoking is automatically forgotten. Since the use of nicotine-free cigarettes is not  associated with additional costs, the product represents the most attractive aid to quit smoking.

The program “How to stop smoking with nicotine-free cigarettes” presents a new way out of cigarette addiction. Based on numerous scientific surveys, that are presented in an easy to understand manner, we investigate the background of the phenomenon of smoking. By getting to know the different types of smokers and learning how a smokers relationship toward cigarettes changes over time, smokers are enabled to detect, what kept them from becoming a happy  non-smoking in their previous attempts.

Get to know the potential of nicotine-free cigarettes, behavioral strategies and other aids, and learn how these ais can help you to stop smoking, without having to crave cigarettes afterwards.

Our program is based on the cessation-concept of the addiction experts Prof. Dr. Anil Batra and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Buchkremer. In contrary to other concepts, we take a look at the origins of the addiction. Instead of basing motivation on fears by focussing on the bad influence that smoking has on ones  health, we generate motivation by providing a clear picture of the cigarette addiction.

Only those who know the individual factors of their addiction, are enabled to treat them targeted.

Read an excerpt from our book, and get to know the of phenomenon smoking.

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